Shell-affect baseline penetration testing course

I recently signed up to the Shell-Affect Baseline Penetration Testing Course and wanted to share my initial thoughts on the course to give people who may be interested in signing up for the course some more detailed information on what to expect from the course.

This will be a series of posts as I progress through the course material and then hopefully on to certification.

Why this course?

There are some great courses out there and I have tried a couple of them. What drew me to the shell-affect course was that it was brand new. The course has just been released to the public and everything contained in the course is relevant to today’s tools and techniques.

Don’t get me wrong the other courses out there are still very relevant but from my perspective they lacked some updates to the course material. Another thing that drew me to the shell-affect course was that it seemed like it was an intermediate course that sat between CompTIA Pentest+ and OSCP.

I have done the PenTest+ course and found it to be a really good primer for people who want to get a good understanding of what is involved with pentesting without having to be too hands on.

I have also done the OSCP course and at the time, I found it to be extremely difficult and even though I was investing a lot of time and effort, a lot of what I was learning did not sink in and I ended up giving up and not renewing my labs.

With the shell-affect course, I was expecting it to be an intermediate course but once I received the course material, it became evident that the shell-affect course was on-par with OSCP and I would be challenged significantly.

Because the shell-affect course is brand new, there are areas where I feel it exceeds the OSCP course material and what I have found so far is that the course has a focus on teaching you the skills to think outside the box. This I think is a vital skill that is sometimes overlooked.

There are a number of really good exercises that I have done over the past week that have challenged the way that I would normally approach a problem and I have really enjoyed doing the research and looking at a problem from a different perspective.

All in all, my initial thoughts on the course are extremely positive and I hope I can get through it all and become certified. As I continue to progress through the course, I will share my thoughts, challenges and frustrations with you all.

Until next time.